3D Printed Aluminum Vehicle released by Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium

Three years ago, Local Motors presented its 3D printed electric car, the very first of its kind. Since then, many transportation devices have been 3D printed, including electric skateboards, electric buses, motorcycles, and new car models from automakers like Honda and Volkswagen. The innovation of 3D printing shows no signs of slowing as the Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium constructed its own double-seated electric vehicle, the frame and interior of which was 3D printed and made mostly from aluminum metal.

Image: 3Dprint.com

Car enthusiasts were introduced to this new aluminum creation when it was put on display for the Taipei AMPA and Autotronics car and motorbike show, held at the Nangang Exhibition Center, associated with and in close proximity to the Taipei World Trade Center.

The consortium’s personal pavilion displayed its recent accomplishments in the realm of research and development, its 3D printed aluminum sheet car accompanied by over twenty of its other new products, which all emphasized the growing popularity of autonomous technology.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs owns the research consortium and is pushing for more advancements in the automotive field as well as stronger international ties. The Ministry’s Department of Industrial Technology encouraged several research companies to form the consortium back in 2005, and it now has six members that work together to find solutions to the many research and development problems institutions currently face.

The Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium quickly became the top research and development organization in the country, and to uphold its title, its members began to focus their efforts on combining widely tested technologies from multiple different sources. This experimentation led to an improvement in the way electric vehicles were created and how they functioned. In the near future, the consortium hopes to develop a collaborative space for research teams, domestic companies, and university staff, which could lead to more breakthroughs in modern technology.

If successful, the consortium could be advancing quickly in the coming years. Its new electric car already features a 6.6kWh lithium-ion battery and a 100km driving capability after a single charging period, reaching a maximum speed of 60kph. The construction of the car, as expected, wasn’t typical. All parts of the vehicle except for the doors were created with a 3D printer. This impressive feat, if implemented regularly, could cut down on the amount of time it takes to build vehicles. Additionally, the electrical nature of these cars would have a positive impact on the environment.

The 3D printed vehicle weighing in at 98,7kg is made primarily of aluminum sheet, the best material for the construction of cars, bikes, planes, and heavy weaponry. If 3D printer vehicles are produced more frequently, manufacturing costs could be only 60% of what they currently are. The consortium plans to do this, but it is unsure as to how soon.

Although the consortium’s 3D printed aluminum vehicle was the most intriguing of its new products, it also displayed its Cooperative Vehicle Positioning System and its Forward Object Detection System, both developed to create safer driving conditions. Most can agree that any new technology is exciting.

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Aluminum Wire or Copper Wire – Which is Best?

All metallic elements conduct electricity, but some are better at it than others. The two most commonly used metals for creating electrical wire are aluminum wire and copper wire and for good reason. While both are sufficient conductors, each one has its specific uses.


For the last few decades, copper has been the number one electrical conductor used in the construction of commercial and residential buildings. The composition of the pinkish-orange metal allows it to transport a large amount of electrical energy in a short amount of time. Gold and silver are both superior to copper in terms of conduction, but they’re both very expensive metals. Copper is a perfect cheap alternative in almost every case.

As a conductor, copper also functions well due to its ability to combat oxidation, withstand a great amount of pressure, and carry more electrical energy through a smaller volume of material. For these reasons, copper wiring can be created thin without fear of incidental damage or insufficient electrical supply. Copper is an especially good option for small rooms and hidden spaces.

Copper may seem like a no-brainer to use in most electrical situations, but compared to aluminum, it’s tougher, denser, and more expensive to use for certain projects. Avoid copper wiring if you need to set up a long, intricate electrical system in a large building, like a residential complex or factory. Otherwise, you’ll likely exceed your budget and end up with a sub-par result.

Aluminum wire has been in use for electricity for a while as well, and it was used solely in utility areas for many years. Currently, aluminum wiring is being built into giant industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. Many homes have a small amount of aluminum wire somewhere, most often in their breaker panels. Despite its reasonable cost and wide application, aluminum has some notable drawbacks when it comes to conducting electricity.

Expect to create large wires if you’re using aluminum, because it only conducts half as much electricity through a specific volume as copper does. Because of the difference in density and malleability, aluminum is more lightweight than copper and will require a bigger diameter when shaped into the wiring. Fortunately, aluminum wiring can be strengthened to increase its malleability and durability. To prevent the natural expansion and contraction from damaging the wiring, electricians can install dual rated lugs.

Copper wire doesn’t oxidize very quickly, but when it does, it can actually help conduction. Oxidized aluminum, on the other hand, is a full-on insulator. Coating aluminum wires with a specialized grease can stop oxidation from occurring in high-risk areas like moist or open sections. In situations where copper cannot be used as an electrical conductor, aluminum metal is a great substitute. With its many uses, it’s cheap, effective, and easy to access.

Aluminum and copper can both be used in many different commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Each project will call for a specific setup, influenced by factors like cost, safety, and space. For more information, talk to us at Aaluminum Sheet & Wire.

Source: http://www.aaluminum.com/anodized-aluminum-blog/313-aluminum-wire-or-copper-wire-which-is-best.html

Aluminum Sheet Metal Becomes a Contender as Auto Industry Pushes for Lighter Vehicles

According to a new report, the car industry’s sheet metal sector is encouraging the development and implementation of more lightweight car frames.


The industry works in collaboration with several others, and last year, the top four companies made up two-fifths of the entire market when combined. Despite the minimal obstacles businesses have to overcome when entering the market, creating and running new sheet metal processing locations is expensive and material-heavy. For this reason, new companies don’t come flooding into the market.

The top companies in the automotive sheet metal industry consistently aim to create better products. Companies that constantly improve what they’re selling beat out competitors by intriguing customers and catering to desires. Those who put enough time, effort, and money into research and development will hold a greater market share worldwide.

Ambitious auto companies have begun to tackle international markets with specialized vehicles and outstanding passenger vehicles. The worldwide auto sheet metal industry is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of 3.7% from 2017 to 2025. By this prediction, the $137.35 billion value will increase to $187.53 billion by 2025.

Although aluminum and aluminum sheet has been getting a lot of attention in the automotive industry lately, steel was last year’s biggest revenue contributor, making up three-fifths of the global market’s total. Steel will continue to be favoured by automakers over the next decade or so, according to recent market predictions.

The Asian Pacific market is currently in the lead in the auto sheet metal industry across the world. China in particular is expected to hold its place as a top consumer of passenger cars, driving the sheet metal industry as well as the continent’s overall market. If things continue to go this way, China may hold the number one spot in the world for the market sector by the end of 2025.

The 2010s have brought about a sharp increase in worldwide auto production, due largely in part by the growing need for passenger vehicles in many regions alongside the push to create less weighty vehicles with specialized alloys. These two key demands have allowed the auto sheet metal market to expand very quickly. A shift in environmental awareness has also brought about the release of electric vehicles and hybrid fuel vehicles, both of which will become more common in the coming years.

Vehicles are expected to become smaller and lighter in the near future to reduce their carbon footprint and save companies money. The price changes in aluminum and steel greatly affect the auto sheet metal market, and China remains the leader in the production of both steel and aluminum sheet. Due to recent legal violations, however, the country is beginning to downsize its production capacity.

The supply and demand of aluminum and steel has been fluctuating worldwide in recent years, causing companies to begin to worry about the accessibility and pricing of both metals. Largely influenced by global production, aluminum and steel will unsurprisingly have the greatest impact on the automotive industry and its lightweight vehicle building endeavour.

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Need An Online Aluminum Supplier For Your Mixed Media Art Projects?

If you have had the chance to browse through our aluminum products, you may have noticed that we refrain from getting too specific about how each of our products can be used. The reason for this is simple—the sky’s the limit for how our sheets, coil, wires, and foil can be applied!

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Sharon M. Louden’s piece “Merge” is a perfect example of how aluminum could be used in mixed media projects. Sharon’s “Merge” was displayed at both Weisman Art Museum in 2011 and at The University of Connecticut 2013. Sharon’s piece was made of more than 350,000 aluminum strips of six different colors, two different finishes (matte & shiny), approximately 14,000 screws, and hot glue. Ranging in size from 1×7″ to 2×10″, the work was placed on the floor and three adjacent walls spanning over 3,000 square feet. Sharon’s other installation using our aluminum is called community which is currently displayed at the Asheville Art Museum.


Customize Your Home or Business:-

Aluminum has long been used in building and construction, but some of the latest applications transform aluminum into built-in works of art. From aluminum backsplashes in the kitchen, to full walls with our sheets cut or printed in a brick-inspired or decorative pattern. Leave the metal smooth, and the inevitable scratches and wear are part of the appeal!

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While there are several precious metals used for jewelry, Aaluminum Sheet & Wire has become the preferred online aluminum supplier for jewelers who handcraft their work. Aluminum is an affordable medium for jewelers, and is just the right combination of flexible and durable. Between our coils, wire, and foil—our aluminum can be shaped and crafted to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

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Aluminum has long been used in the furniture industry, particularly for outdoor furniture—and for the timeless aluminum-folding table and chair. However, we are seeing many of our clients turn to aluminum in fresh new ways, for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Wood combined with aluminum is a popular choice, as is aluminum combined with upcycled Martials.

While you can certainly turn to us as your online aluminum supplier for more general uses of this classic metal, we encourage you to think outside the box when considering the ways in which you can incorporate aluminum to create mixed media art—or mixed media home and building accents.

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Online Aluminum Suppliers, Ontario, Canada Offer More Than Before

Looking for the better Aluminum Supplier Canada is never ending search for the regular buyers; especially, who trade in bulk. Demand of aluminum sheet, aluminum foils, aluminum coils and aluminum wire in Canada is increasing fast; it is good sign for any aluminum store. However, it triggers more parallel demand for the increase in variety and facilities.

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