Image: Getty

U.S. President Donald Trump has officially requested an investigation into how the country’s security is affected by its aluminum imports. Depending on the results of said investigation, new taxes and guidelines could be put into place for international aluminum trade between the US and its trading partners, the most prominent one being China.

The drastic drop in the production of this versatile metal is what prompted the opening of the investigation, seeking a solution for a high demand in the industry. If larger weaponry is required for tasks of war in the near future, the lack of aluminum would certainly pose a problem.

Not only is aluminum used for heavy duty combat machines, but it is also used in the construction of most commercial cars and planes. The US may affect its long-held partnership with China if it makes the same claims it made towards China’s steel exports.

Should the outcome hurt one or both nations, President Trump and his associates have proven that they are indeed keeping the promises they made during the election in regards to trade.



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