The U.S. Urged by China to Follow the Rules Set by the WTO in the Aluminum Foil Trade Remedy Investigation


An official from Chinese commerce urged the American authorities to follow World Trade Organization rules in a dispute regarding anti-subsidy and anti-dumping regarding Chinese Aluminum foil.

After the Aluminum Association Trade Enforcement Working Group began accusing Chinese Aluminum foil producing companies of unfair practices like price dumping and subsidies, the Department of Commerce for the U.S. start their investigation.

Despite this dispute, both the Chinese and U.S. aluminum industries actually have a symbiotic relationship. The U.S. reduced their product of lower grade aluminum products like foil 20 years and started focusing on higher end aluminum production. According the Wang Hejun, who leads the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, this is the reason U.S. output has fallen.

Therefore, if the U.S. enacts trade action against Chinese aluminum foil, it will hurt not only Chinese producers of aluminum foil but also impact the competitiveness of U.S. downstream sectors. This would impact consumer as well as employer interests, Wang declared, and that it would only be a lose-lose situation.

Wang then urged on the U.S. to instead follow the decisions of WTO experts and allow Chinese exporters to present fair counter-argument rights. Indeed, China is hoping that the two sides can work together to find a solution through consultation and mutual dialogue about how the two countries can grow their aluminum industries together.



New Suzuki Dirt Bike Sneak Peek



It’s that time of year again – MTA Two-Stroke World Championships time, that is. As usual, tons of two-stroke vehicles are getting ready, but there’s one in particular that stands out: a two-stroke Suzuki RM250 complete with an aluminum frame and premix burning engine.

Despite the plethora of questions asked by curious consumers, there were no answers given from anyone that new anything of Suzuki’s new project. Trials were kept quiet, and all information was withheld until the much anticipated release of the dirtbike.

Suzuki clearly drew inspiration from its earlier models for the engine, pipe, and silencer, modeled after its 2007 steel frame bikes, and the body, modeled after the newer RMZ450. The dirt bike’s spring forks and clamps aren’t the usual, however. The forks and top clamps appear to be stock-produced pieces, and the bottom clamps resemble custom aluminum billets.

This new model could introduce a whole line of two-stroke vehicles from Suzuki, which would sell like hotcakes in the market’s current condition. Uncertainty continues to plague dirt bike enthusiasts as they await Suzuki’s future plans.