Believe it or not, researchers have actually developed a way to charge your device by simply walking into a room. Known as The Aluminum Room, the project was funded by Disney Research and it has yielded some rather compelling results thus far.

It sounds simple enough. Electromagnetic signals will charge compatible devices through a copper pole that will radiate from the center of the room. An aluminum wall is capable of keeping a charge of up to 1900 watts safely within its perimeters. Researchers worked to determine how much a human being could safely take and they quickly discovered that it wasn’t very much at all. Soon after this project was started, researchers realized that human beings couldn’t get within two feet of the pole.

A coil receiver attached along the bottom of the phone will be necessary for capturing charges. Researchers received further information by discovering that they could scatter as many as ten devices all through the room, with each device receiving power from any position or orientation. One could easily imagine this concept working well with other devices.



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