Last week, a North Bay, Ontario resident woke up to discover something extraordinary. Upon awakening, he found pillars of powerful, colorful lights being shot towards the sky. He had initially woken up to care for his crying child until he finally looked out the window. He saw the staggering beauty of lights coming down from the sky. He would later describe the phenomena, which he was able to capture on film, as something akin to Star Trek ships beaming people up.

As he was tending to his infant son, the resident, Timothy Joseph Elzinga saw the lights and knew he had to take photos. He put on some clothes, rushed outside, and took as many photos as possible with his phone. Thanks to the quality of the phone, the pictures he snapped are exceptional. They give the viewer a clear idea of what these lights looked like. However, some would argue that appreciating these lights is something that’s best done in person.

A light pillar can be created when natural or artificial lights bounce off the ice crystals that are close to the ground.



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