Dos and Don’ts of Aluminum Foil


There is no question that aluminum foil is one of the most essential products to have in your home. The list of benefits is endless and some people would go so far as to call it a miracle product. It’s difficult to argue with that opinion!

What are the Dos and Don’ts of Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foil can do a lot of things. It’s also important to remember that it can’t do everything. Here are some dos and don’ts that can prove useful:

  • Baking Pans: Cleaning up baking pans takes no time with aluminum foil. Cooking spray might be necessary in certain cases.
  • Bottom of the Oven: Lining the bottom of the oven with aluminum foil is not a great idea. At best, it’s going to cook your food unevenly. At worst, it can cause damage to your oven.
  • Poultry: Aluminum foil is a great idea as a means to provide poultry with a protective shield. Not only can aluminum foil prevent the skin of turkey or chicken from burning, but it can also keep all of the juices locked inside.
  • Microwave Ovens: Aluminum foil can work in a variety of different spaces. One of them is not the microwave oven. Other materials absorb the electromagnetic waves that move throughout the oven. Aluminum foil is different. It deflects these waves, which means your food may not cook properly. Worse yet, it can cause damage to the oven over time.
  • Smelly Foods: If you’re planning to store “smelly” foods in your fridge or freezer, you obviously want to take steps to mask the smell as much as possible. With aluminum foil, you have something that can do a phenomenal job of covering up those smells.
  • High-acid Foods: On the other hand, you don’t want to use aluminum foil to cover up high-acid foods for storage. Tart fruits are a good example of what we’re talking about, but you should also be wary of using foil to store things that contain vinegar, tomato sauce, or tomatoes. A day or so isn’t too much of a problem however. Unfortunately, these foods will eventually erode the foil, creating a metallic taste in the food.



Aluminum-Clad Sayama Forest Chapel Created By NAP Architects


A Japanese studio known as Hiroshi Nakamura/NAP architects recently revealed some images of the Sayama Forest Chapel. This chapel shares space with the Sayama lakeside cemetery complex, which can be found in the Saitama prefecture. This small timber-based structure is located at the threshold of a very dense forest, which eventually reveals a clearing. The nearby road is such that pedestrian traffic is impossible.

The complex compelled NAP architects to work to create a structure that would function as an architecturally secular location to accommodate those in mourning. This Gassho-style creation features two opposing walls that lean against one another, which was used to meet a variety of conceptual and structural demands. The final form is evocative of hands in the prayer position. The angled walls mirror the form of a body in the act of prayer.

The structure brilliantly avoids branches from the forest canopy, while also preserving the trees that are currently in the area. The curves and height of the area are optimized by a variety of design measures. The secular, minimalist design has a purpose of making visitors and worshippers alike feel welcome and serene. Those who have been to the space can attest that the hand-crafted aluminum tiles are just the beginning when it comes to the impressive elements of the space. The structure is being called a triumph on every possible level.

With so many features enhancing and accentuating the design of this structure, it can be difficult to appreciate just how complex this seemingly simple structure really is. It will be fascinating to see additional examples of architecture that are optimized for not only the people, but for all of the surroundings that exist in the vicinity of the structure.


US Trade Complaint Against China


The United States has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization to highlight the unfair practices of China that has led to a crippling effect in the aluminum and steel sector in the country. China’s unacceptable practices have impacted many countries around the world, particularly the industrially advanced economies that have flourishing steel and aluminum sectors.

The outgoing Obama administration alleged in the trade complaint that China was dumping aluminum across the global market at prices so low that they are not only unrealistic but also artificial. Not only is this practice immoral but also against fair competition and can destroy sectors in many countries including the United States.

In the official complaint to the World Trade Organization, the US has brought to light the illegal subsidies and artificially cheap loans that China has been showering on its aluminum industry and which has led to an uncontrolled boom in the largest Asian economy.

Former President Barack Obama had said that China gave its domestic aluminum industry an undeserving and unfair advantage with underpriced loans and strange government subsidies that would be deemed illegal in any fair trade practice. He had also stated that such policies had put American manufacturers at a distance and lead to a global glut in steel and aluminum sectors among others. Michael Froman, US Trade Representative, has taken this forward in the complaint. Recently, Intalco near Ferndale was about to shut down due to the malpractices of China. While the aluminum smelter of Intalco may have been saved from shutting down with renegotiated power deal and capital inflow for the workforce, there can be more adverse effects if China continues with its policies and practices.

This is not the first time the US has had to file a complaint against China with the World Trade Organization. There have been fifteen such complaints in the past, highlighting the need for various types of trade enforcement challenges. It is expected that the complaint will be followed up and some tenable action would be taken, despite the transition of power from the Obama administration to the Trump administration. President Donald Trump had spoken about closing the trade gap US has with China and it was one of the priorities he had set for his administration. It remains to be seen how he follows up with these measures. China is already infamous for being a currency manipulator and Trump has called them out on several occasions.


Feds Seize 250M of Aluminum from Chinese Billionaire


In a sting operation, the US federal authorities seized several hundreds of shipping containers as part of their investigation following a tip that a Chinese business tycoon dealing in aluminum was avoiding paying the USA custom tariffs.

Officials from the U.S Customs Department seized and detained hundreds of containers packed with aluminum shipments worth $25 million in September 2016 from a California-based company. The Department of Homeland Security recently acquired the containers from the U.S Customs Department to further the investigations.

The Department of Homeland Security said in a report to the press that they were moving the containers undisclosed location at the Port of Long Beach to allow for laboratory testing and evaluation of the aluminum.

The Owner

U.S authorities link Chinese billionaire, Liu Zhongtian to Perfectus Aluminum Inc., the company that owned the aluminum. He is also the founder of Zhongwang, an aluminum giant in China with worldwide operations.

The Wall Street Journal in October reported that the Justice and Homeland Security departments were investigating allegations brought against the Zhongtian’s companies that include wire fraud, conspiracy, and smuggling.

By December, the U.S Commerce Department found that Zhongwang was guilty of evading the high U.S customs fees by routing their products through Vietnam and Mexico.

Officials from the Commerce Department also looked into a New Jersey metal company and found that it was housing Chinese aluminum pallets for melting. The high tariffs on Chinese metal exports to the U.S came after many findings of improperly dumped subsidized metal associated with Zhongwang.

In a press statement, Zhongwang’s spokesperson denied any association of Zhongtian to Perfectus Inc. However, the Wall Street Journal linked the company to Jacky Cheung, Zhongtian’s son.


A Look at the Nokia 6 Official Debut


Through a team-up with HMD Global, Nokia had made it clear that they are ready to get back on the smartphone market. Featuring an Android Nougat and aluminum unibody design, HMD is going to build the phones and Nokia is going to put their brand on them. Will the Nokia 6 be able to grab a piece of the smartphone market? That is going to depend on a number of factors.

One thing’s for sure–the Nokia 6 is something that is definitely worth getting excited about.

The 5.5-inch 1920 X 1080 display is one of the first things to note. It features a 2.5D Gorilla Glass with an 8-megapixel front facing cam. The 16 megapixel camera offers f/2.0 apertures with phase detection auto-focus around back. The snapdragon 430 processors are also appealing, in addition to four gigs of RAM, as well as sixty-four gigs of included storage.

The dual amplifiers are yet another element to the Nokia 6 that turned heads during its recent debut. HMD promises that this phone will offer six dB louder sounds than your regular amps. The company promises that the end result is going to be something that works with higher voices, deeper bass capabilities, and profound clarity. will handle an exclusive Chinese release in early 2017. The expected retail price for the Nokia 6 is going to be in the range of 246.00. The specs and price are certainly elements that appeal to experts, although some wonder if it will be enough to appeal to the market at large.


Stunning North Bay Light Pillars


Last week, a North Bay, Ontario resident woke up to discover something extraordinary. Upon awakening, he found pillars of powerful, colorful lights being shot towards the sky. He had initially woken up to care for his crying child until he finally looked out the window. He saw the staggering beauty of lights coming down from the sky. He would later describe the phenomena, which he was able to capture on film, as something akin to Star Trek ships beaming people up.

As he was tending to his infant son, the resident, Timothy Joseph Elzinga saw the lights and knew he had to take photos. He put on some clothes, rushed outside, and took as many photos as possible with his phone. Thanks to the quality of the phone, the pictures he snapped are exceptional. They give the viewer a clear idea of what these lights looked like. However, some would argue that appreciating these lights is something that’s best done in person.

A light pillar can be created when natural or artificial lights bounce off the ice crystals that are close to the ground.