According to the founder and senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute think tank, he envisions that over the next twenty years, driverless cars may eliminate jobs in multiple (128 or so) industries. He made this bold prediction in April 2016 on his Futurist Speaker website.

Thomas Frey predicts autonomous vehicles will affect all areas of ground transportation, including agriculture, construction, and public services. Frey told Business Insider “it’ll take a long time for this transition to occur.” However, the transition, once it begins, will eliminate many current jobs.


Examples of Lost Job Categories

Frey cites the example of airports. Airports will lose a major revenue source: Parking fees. In lieu of driving to airports, then parking their cars, passengers will have driverless taxis hustle them to their departure airport. There will be no need for shuttle buses, limos, or other taxis. The rental auto counter also will not be required.

Drivers will lose their jobs, including chauffeurs and those who now operate construction vehicles. They will simply not be needed for anything. This does not even consider the auto maintenance people who change your oil, tune your vehicle, install new brakes, or inspect your autos. They too will no longer be needed.

While some industries shouldn’t disappear, like police departments, these will need fewer officers since there are lower numbers of drivers who deserve tickets for violations. Attorneys and judges who typically handle traffic-related cases will also no longer have jobs

Just as automation has eliminated many jobs in the automotive manufacturing industry, driverless cars will have an even wider negative impact, affecting even parking lot attendants.

As artificial intelligence technology becomes more mainstream, this technology possibly could eliminate thousands of jobs, just as it’s doing to the customer service labor market today.

The future of driverless cars is bright; the future of many other jobs related to the auto industry is not.



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