When it comes to dealing with the problematic elements of winter, there are several different possibilities that you can explore:

  • Prevent Ice: Prep your windshield the night before. Use a spray that combines 2/3 vinegar with 1/3 water, making the ice easier to break off.
  • Remove Ice: Spray your ice-covered windshields with a mix that combines 1-portion isopropyl alcohol with 2-portions lukewarm water and 1 tsp of dish soap.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Believe it or not, but this can prove to be enormously useful for frozen door handles.
  • Key Hole: Frozen key hole? You can accomplish a lot with hand sanitizer or a lighter on your key. You could spray the key holes with WD-40 to prevent freezing.
  • Mirrors: You can protect your rearview mirrors by putting a Ziploc bag over your mirrors, and then securing them with some clips.
  • Phones: Aluminum foil seemingly has a billion uses. While the actual number probably isn’t that high, one of those uses involves wrapping aluminum foil around your fingers, if your hands are freezing, but you want to use the phone.
  • Cooking Spray: Cooking spray can prevent your car doors from becoming stuck. A light coating along the outside handle can prevent sticking. Cooking spray can also make snow slip off the shovel.
  • Sheets: Hot water bottles can be put inside your bed before sleeping. A blow dryer can also warm up your sheets, while a heating pad between your sheets can also be effective.
  • Traction: Screwing short sheet metal screws into the bottoms of your sneakers can give you great traction.



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