Aluminum has extensive uses in our everyday life. This metallic element is used for manufacturing utensils and a wide range of other products.  Over time, these aluminum pieces can develop a dark color and lose their shine. This metal is prone to breakdown – as it forms a strong chemical bond with oxygen. As the consequence of it, a chemical compound is formed. This compound makes its appearance dull and discolored. Therefore, we are to find out various ways of cleaning aluminum.

Keeping pace with the diverse demands of the day, various methods have been introduced to the market. There are various domestic, industrial and commercial cleaning methods.

As it forms a chemical compound (aluminum oxide), a chemical cleaning is the best method to get back it in its earlier stage. Washing it with aluminum cleaning chemicals can give the best result. Acid wash is also very good for getting a permanent solution.

To meet various purposes, various types of aluminum cleaning chemicals have come to the market. You have to choose one, depending on your needs.


The Many Benefits of Using Aluminum Cleaning Chemicals:

  • These are cost-effective and very easy to use.
  • You do not need to spend much time and money for washing dull utensils
  • No toxic fumes are produced
  • These are easily available in the market
  • No mechanical cleaning is required after using these
  • You can follow dip and drag process
  • You can apply it easily, using brush

Following this method for commercial purposes is always good. It saves your time and money. Consequently, businesses can make more profits. Therefore, if you are a business, you can follow this method. This will save your time, money and efforts. However, one should follow this method, when he or she is in the need of cleaning it on a large-scale.

Aluminum window frames are a low maintenance product and are very durable and known to last for many decades without repair or re-finishing. A majority of new commercial buildings and also large installations in apartments use powder coated aluminum windows for this reason, along with the structural qualities of aluminum. However, some infrequent cleaning and maintenance will help to ensure that painted/powder coated aluminum windows remain looking clean, bright and complementary to your home for a long time.

In areas with the influence of salt water (coastal houses or adjacent to a busy, gritted road) or nearby to other sources of heavy emissions (highways, industrial areas) we recommend that windows should be cleaned at least every three months. In a cleaner environment cleaning every six months would be sufficient.

When carrying out external cleaning, internal surfaces are sometimes missed – over time, tobacco, coal or wood smoke can discolour even hard powder coated windows. We recommend cleaning internally at least once a year in a smoke-free home.

If you are a household person looking for washing aluminum items (cooking utensils, household finishes, fences, etc.) on a small-scale, you can follow some common methods.

These are as Follows:

  • First, give the items a thorough scrubbing by using a scotch-Brite™ or a scratchy pad. If there is any grease, rub it clearly so that the chemicals can come into contact with the metal.
  • Then soak the items in lemon juice. It can clean aluminum oxide.
  • You can also apply alkali for this purpose



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