Finding cheap and quality food to eat in Greater Toronto Area will only count if you feel satisfied and full after you are done with your meal. The following restaurants are not just places where you will eat in small plates. On the contrary, you will find lots of tasty entrees, yummy soups and sandwiches, and other great food that will satisfy you without spending too much money. And another great thing is that if you cannot finish your meal, they can wrap up the leftovers in a nice aluminum wrap, so you will eat it later in the comfort of your home. Here are the restaurants where you can find cheap and yummy food.


Here you will find tasty fried chicken and classic burgers. This is an Indie fast food place located in Little Italy with a delicious fast food. Double Cheeseburger is a must try, and despite being the most expensive

food on the menu it still comes with a price under ten dollars.


This Korean restaurant is located in Kensington market and it serves snack food made from the scratch. Here you can find a wide variety of dishes, including Korean fried chicken, kimchi fries, rice bowls with chicken, pork or beef, and all of them cost less than ten dollars.


The Dime

This new and trendy restaurant serves a less than five dollar menu which includes plates of burgers, calamari, tacos, and many more. I call it students’ heaven.

Curry Love

This is a takeout place on College Street that serves meals that can be customized according to customers` needs. Meals start from nine dollars, and you can choose a base of rice, noodles or salad, plus beef, chicken, pork, shrimp or shrimp and add curry and other toppings.

When The Pig Came Home

This deli is located in the Junction (Westend) and offers five dollar sandwiches full of rounds of pork on a fluffy and soft bun. Add a fried egg, cheese or bacon for additional one dollar.

Big Beef Bowl

Willowdale is the home of this noodle house where for a pocket change you can buy tasty starters such as the spicy cheese corn or king-size mushroom skewers. Bowls of noodles and beef can be tried for a price around eight dollars.


On the College Street, you will find this eatery that serves delicious street food from Morocco. Tagine meals and mixed grill cost thirteen dollars, but you will also find plenty of yummy sandwiches for less than ten dollars. Try braised beef, merguez sausage or lemon chicken.

Hastings Snack Bar

Leslieville luncheonette is the place where you can try the many delicious Polish foods. Full Polish breakfast cost about nine dollars, cabbage rolls can be purchased for eight dollars, or you can also build your own sandwich for prices of eight dollars and above. This bar also serves many nice daily specials at cheap prices.

Eat in Bangkok

Eat in Bangkok is a Thai restaurant located at Yonge Street south of Sheppard. Here you can find terrific lunch specials for ten dollars, which come with soup and spring rolls along with the personal choice of crispy pork belly, pad Thai or curry beef.

Torteria San Cosme

Mexican restaurant with lots of stacked dishes for prices around ten dollars.



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