Most of the people know that the aluminum foil can be very helpful in everyday life. It has numerous uses and brings many benefits, but there are still some uses that not many people know about them. A simple camping trip can show you how many clever uses the aluminum foil could have. The following are several uses that can help you a lot in the future. And all you need is a simple roll of aluminum foil.

If you are a camper you can benefit a lot if you have an aluminum foil with you. Aluminum foil is ideal for cooking and you will also avoid cleaning after meals. Every family member or friend on the camping trip can customize their meals with the aluminum foil. Some popular meals along the campfire by using aluminum foil include wrapped chicken breasts, grilled cheese, mixed vegetables and many other foods. Besides wrapping food, aluminum foil can serve for cooking and cleaning utensils. Foil can also be shaped as a spoon or a spatula if you ever forget to bring these on your trips. A wrapped ball of aluminum is also perfect for scrubbing cast iron frying pans.


When it comes to cleaning, aluminum foil can help in many different ways. Cleaning grills or fireplaces are very easy if you use the foil, and baking dishes can also be cleaned very quickly with it. If you wear jewelry and do not want to spend money on cleaning your jewelry you can easily do that by yourself. Line a bowl with an aluminum foil inside and fill it with hot water. Add a little bit of detergent and soak the jewelry inside the bowl. Rinse and use a paper or cloth to dry your cleaned jewelry. Polishing silver can also be done very easily with aluminum foil. First, you have to line the baking sheet with foil, add cold water and a couple of teaspoons of baking soda or salt. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, then rinse and dry with cloth.

If you have a garden you probably know that gardening sometimes requires lots of effort and time. With the help of aluminum foil, you will make your gardening job much easier. You can make a seed incubator with it, or you can use the foil as an insect repellent. Besides that, aluminum strips hanged on trees and bushes can scare away birds and will protect your fruit trees.

Aluminum foil comes handy for many life hacks too. Not many people know that it can sharpen your scissors so they will function as new again. A ball made of aluminum foil can eliminate rust from car bumpers or from chrome hubcaps. It can fix loose batteries in flashlights or remote controls, and it can also help you in ironing your clothes faster. Just put aluminum foil under the cover of the ironing board and your ironing will go much faster. Other valuable uses of aluminum foil include using it for curling your hair, boosting your Wi-Fi signal or using it as a reflector for taking photos.

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