Anodized aluminum nameplates are a versatile medium that can be used to create a variety of durable products. You must think outside the box when working with aluminum to find innovative ways to produce new products—or to elevate current products. Below are just a few innovative applications for our versatile nameplates.

Product Labels—Say It With Style

Anodized aluminum metal is porous, making it easy to adhere to a variety of materials. Its porous nature also makes it far easier to print, paint, and dye. This means that you can easily create stylized product labels—that are more durable than product stickers.

Not Your Standard Aluminum Nameplate

Square and rectangular nameplates are one option, but why not get a bit more creative? We offer fabricated aluminum nameplates in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Take things one step further, by engraving, etching, laser printing, painting, or hand treating to create a distinct—or a one of a kind look. Perfect for trophies, awards, and corporate desk and door plaques.

anodized-aluminum-nameplates - Copy

Decked Out Pet Nametags

The pet novelty industry in North America is a billion-dollar industry. Even essential pet supplies have become a work of art hand-selected to express each pet’s individual personality. Whether a pet nametag is required, purchased for safety purposes, or just for fun—the options are endless. While the name of your pet and contact details can be etched or printed on, the aluminum nameplates can be fabricated in fun shapes and vibrant colors. Think dog bone, fish, crown, or heart.

From intricate logos, taglines, and custom designs, your nameplates can be as distinct as your products. Also consider less traditional uses, by incorporating nameplates into art, mixed media, lighting, electronics, and even outdoor displays. You can even screen print anodized aluminum!

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