One reason we are so passionate about aluminum is because the applications are endless. There is no limit as to what can be done with this versatile metal, which easily conducts energy, reflects heat, and insulates to protect. With this range, there is no industry in the world that doesn’t benefit from at least a handful of applications.

In The Kitchen—Hot Or Cold

Unlike plastic wraps, you can place aluminum foil containers in the oven, on the grill, or in the refrigerator. The same goes for wrapping your foods in aluminum foil, as when hot, the foil helps to lock in moisture and prevent food from burning. When wrapped around refrigerated foods, it helps to insulate and keep foods fresh—and will easily shape to fit any size container.

Pharmaceutical And Food Packaging

Everything from candies, to gum, and certain medicines are wrapped in an industrial grade aluminum foil, which is sometimes combined with plastic on paper. The result is packaging that reflects heat, reduces the permeation of oxygen, and extends the shelf life of many products—even without refrigeration.


Thermal Insulation

There are many mechanical applications in which anodized foil or aluminum sheets are used to create a thermal insulation by retarding heat flow. Depending on the application, the method of retarding heat flow will vary, but usually, there is a gap or airflow between the heat source and the foil. This application is excellent for hot machinery, hot pipes and ducts, and even for insulating homes during the cooler winter months.

Conducts Energy

Even the smallest and thinnest piece of foil can conduct energy. For example, a foil gum wrapper can start a fire. Alternatively, a small square of foil can be placed in-between the gap of a loose battery to continue the flow of energy. These are two basic examples, but the industrial applications are endless.

Whatever your needs Aaluminum has the raw materials you require to develop any application you can imagine!

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