As aluminum sheet suppliers we see our aluminum products being shipped across North America for a variety of purposes. As our anodized and decorative aluminum sheet metal, wires, coils, and foil can be found in multiple locations around the house—you might be wondering how your decorative elements should be cleaned.

Siding And Outdoor Features

Aluminum siding has become increasingly popular. Just as with most other types of siding, you can use a pressure washer to clean your aluminum. Start with your pressure on a low setting, but don’t underestimate the power of your pressure washer. When on high, pressure washers can dent or damage your siding or outdoor metal art—so start low and take your time. Bleach or vinegar can be used to hand scrub areas with mold or mildew, just make sure to use a soft cloth—and not a brush that could scratch your siding. You can also find metal cleaners at your local home and garden store.

Food Cans

Soda, beer, and canned goods are placed in aluminum cans. Before tossing them in the recycling, rinse them out until they are clean. Some canned goods may need to soak for a bit before all food particles are removed, such as chili or thick soup.

Aluminum Nameplates, Blinds And Indoor Décor

While you can get your anodized aluminum damp to dust, in most cases it isn’t necessary. Instead, use a dust-grabbing microfiber cloth to dust trophy nameplates, metal blinds, or other aluminum artwork. A swatch of fleece will also get the job done.

Car Trim

In most cases, a store bought metal polish will do the trick. However, you may need to remove the trim and polish it with .000 steel wool—either by hand or on a polishing wheel. Don’t polish while still on the car, or your run the risk of scratching your paint.
These are just a handful of ways to clean your decorative aluminum sheet metal and household aluminum products.


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