Raw, colored, white painted, and clear anodized aluminum sheets have become a popular medium for creative projects. There is a reason why aluminum sheets are available in sizes similar to that of plywood—however, the creative applications with these versatile sheets expand far beyond that of plywood.

Aluminum Art Installations

Next time you are in an art gallery, or see an outdoor work of metal art—take a look to see if it is made fully or partially from raw or anodized aluminum. A few large-scale aluminum artists and their artworks from around the world include:

  • Japanese artist and architect Sou Fujimoto’s “Many Small Cubes”

  • Paul Villinski’s large scale bird installations using found aluminum cans

  • Jan Hendrix of Mexico City, who creates aluminum sculptures such as “Algae”

  • Sol LeWitt, whose most popular aluminum installation is “1 3 5 7 9 11”

  • Matt Dehaemer’s spike-inspired “Catalyst”

  • Rachel Thomas’ illuminating “Light Filter


Aluminum Feature Wall

Adding a feature wall to your home or office is an excellent way to personalize your space. Most feature walls are painted in a standout color or pattern, adorned with a textured wall covering, or have the design elements built-in, such as decorative crown-molding detail. If you are searching for something a bit different, consider using white painted aluminum sheets, or colored or raw aluminum sheets. Simply apply to your wall to give a sleek and modern look. Cut, layer, texturize or emboss for more visual appeal.

Print Or Paint Clear Anodized Aluminum Sheets

One of the fastest growing trends in wall coverings are creative wall decals that cover the majority of the wall. While the options are endless in these wallpaper-like decals, also consider 3D printing your desired design on aluminum sheets. One design can even be printed across multiple sheets to create wall-to-wall art. Hand painting metal sheets is also another way Toronto artists create large-scale wall art.

Aaluminum has the largest online selection of 4×8 aluminum sheets in Canada. From raw, anodized, colored, painted, and polished—we are sure to have the size and style of sheets you require.


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