Buy Your Aluminum Raw And Transform It As You Wish

If you look at world-wide aluminum production and consumption, both continue to grow at a rapid rate each year. Aluminum is the most affordable and easily accessible of all metals, and the applications are endless. While aluminum applications are endless, most finished metal products begin as raw or anodized aluminum sheets, foil, coil, wire, or nameplates.

Order Your Aluminum Your Way

Aaluminum is the largest online supplier of anodized and raw aluminum products in North America. We differ from wholesalers, because we offer our aluminum in smaller and more manageable quantities—but we still keep our prices competitive. We offer each product in a variety of colors, sizes, thickness, and quantities, ensuring you have just what you need to complete your aluminum projects.

You Probably Have More Aluminum In Your Home Or Business Than You Realize

Aluminum is everywhere you look these days. Even long-time aluminum users are looking for more ways to incorporate aluminum—think aluminum pop cans with wild printing, or designed to look like a bottle instead of a can. Sometimes it is hiding in plain sight, such as your smartphone cover or as an embellishment on your modern furniture. Sometimes it is there and you just can’t see it, such as within your radiant heater or electronics.


Will Aluminum Work In Any Of Your Upcoming Projects?

If you have never worked with aluminum, consider using it in one of your upcoming projects. Our customers often share what they are using their aluminum for, and the innovation never fails to impress us. The list is simply too long to share in full, but here is a small sampling.

  • Aluminum floorboards, floor mats, or truck beds
  • Jewelry
  • Aluminum art
  • Furniture and home finishing’s
  • Exterior finishing’s
  • Tools
  • Parts
  • Nameplates and labels
  • Aluminum conductors
  • Aluminum and glass windows and doors
  • Aluminum boats
  • Fencing
  • Creative aluminum printing and painting

We Take Custom Orders Too!

While we certainly can’t accommodate all of your needs, our goal is always to provide you with the aluminum products you require. If you see that we have something close to what you are looking for, but not quite what you need—give us a call at 1-866-860-0653 to discuss a custom order.

We sell raw and clear, and colored anodized or painted aluminum sheet, coil, wire and foil. As an online store, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need aluminum, odds are we have it is stock!


Why Cottage Country Jewelers Rely On Aaluminum Sheet and Wire

Aaluminum Sheet and Wire supplies our versatile range of products to a large range of clients throughout Canada, and North America. While our clients use their aluminum purchases for a wide range of projects, there is a growing demand for aluminum in places like  Muskoka, the Kawarthas, or the Haliburton. Why? Because there is a growing number of jewelers and artists in this area.

Aluminum—The Other Metal

Gold, silver, and platinum are the precious metals that most fine jeweler is made from—but most small jewelers simply can’t afford to work with these metals. However, jewelers still like to work with metals that they can manipulate to create the jewelry they envision—and aluminum is the perfect medium. Not only does it have the durability of metal, but is easily available in numerous mediums—allowing for endless innovation.

Why Aaluminum Sheet and Wire

One of the reasons that cottage country jewelers love Aaluminum, is because we sell smaller batches of aluminum products—at highly competitive prices. While wholesalers can certainly offer lower price points, most jewelers require only smaller amounts of this versatile metal. Not only that, most jewelers work from home, or from fairly small studios that simply can’t accommodate larger wholesale shipments, of say, aluminum sheets. Depending on what a jeweler is in need of, we may even be able to provide a custom order.

shop-aluminum-online-at-best-priceAluminum Coil and Wire

Aluminum coil and wire are some of our most popular sales items for jewelers. Jewelers twist or weld wire to create intricate patterns and designs. Coil can be used for both mixed medium jeweler, as well as aluminum only. From statement necklaces, to wire decorated rings, earrings, and everything else in-between.

Anodized Aluminum Nameplates and Labels

We offer a large selection of etched and color anodized nameplates and labels. These can be used to create dog tag inspired jewelry for kids, pets, and even adults. The options are endless, and with a jeweler’s creativity—even a standard nameplate can be transformed into a standout design.