Solar panels are one of the leading solutions when speaking of green and clean energy. One of the largest roadblocks to mass adoption is directly related to the cost of the panels. Whether speaking of new construction or current construction—panels don’t come cheap. However, soon, solar panels could be drastically less expensive.

Inexpensive Aluminum Used in Solar Panel Research

We don’t always know what our clients use our aluminum products for, but sometimes; they let us in on the details. One of the applications we are particularly excited about is the growing use of our inexpensive aluminum for university research projects. When we say “inexpensive” we are not referring to the quality of our aluminum, but that if aluminum can replace the silver required to build solar panels—the cost savings could play a major factor in making panels more accessible.

shop-aluminum-online-at-best-priceCurrently, Silver costs $15.90 per ounce. For this same quality of aluminum, multiple pounds can be purchased for the same price.

Conductivity is Not The Same

While the cost of aluminum is just a fraction of the cost per ounce, aluminum and silver are two metals with a drastically different rate of conductivity. So, researchers are working diligently to identify how panels can be modified to generate the same green and clean energy, but using aluminum instead. Whether this means using more aluminum, or getting creative with the panel as a whole—only time will tell.

What Does This Mean For You And Me?

Clearly the research is far more expansive than our simple description, but if aluminum can effectively replace silver in solar panels, this could mean many great things for you and me. Above and beyond the large solar panels used to provide electricity to homes and businesses, small panels will also be less expensive to produce. Small panel solar products are a rapidly growing product market and a versatile market at that. This goes beyond a portable solar charger, and also includes multiple gadgets, outdoor gear, emergency response equipment, and other solar innovations.

What Will You Be Using Your Aluminum For?

We would love to hear what you will use the aluminum you purchase for, and we would love to see a picture of your finished aluminum projects. As always, you can reach us directly with any questions, comments, or custom requests at 1-866-860-0653.


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