4 Ways To Make Your Aluminum Applications Stand Out

Aluminum is such a versatile metal. It is available in sheets, coil, foil, wire, anodized, raw, and even in many colors. This means that our clients have the freedom and flexibility to really experiment with how their aluminum applications, and that they often use aluminum for a dual-purpose of beauty and function. Below is a small selection of some of the many aluminum applications we love.

Aluminum Printing

We have seen a huge increase in artists investing in our aluminum sheets and supplies. This goes far beyond cutting, aging, and painting—and points to a growing trend in aluminum printing. This includes printing everyday photographs on aluminum sheets, to printing out one-of-a-kind digital art.

When printed on aluminum, dye is infused into the aluminum—delivering both vibrant pigments, and a unique finish that only aluminum can deliver.

Pressed or Punched Aluminum Ceilings

Ceilings are an often forgotten area of design, making aluminum applications an easy way to create a stunning focal point. Aluminum ceilings can create both classic and modern designs. From metal sheets pressed in 20s-inspired patterns, to aluminum with funky cutouts hung in a decorative manner on the ceilings.

online-aluminum-metal-suppliers-ontarioThe Timeless Aluminum Application—Hammering To Create Texture

Hammered aluminum is a timeless trend. Aluminum can be hammered to create a vintage look, or a contemporary or industrial look. It can be used to add texture to art or personality to furniture or kitchenware. It is also an application that can alter shape and form. Hammering can be done with everything from a wood mallet, standard hammer, or a multitude of innovative texturing tools.

Aluminum Canvas

Aluminum has become an alternate canvas for many painters. Painting on aluminum allows for art that can transition from indoor to outdoor, as long it is properly primed and sealed. Even if it is not apparent that aluminum is the background, painters love mixed mediums—and the unique brush strokes they can achieve when painting on a less standard surface. Those who weld can even create 3D embellishments to apply directly to their multimedia paintings. You can even paint aluminum siding.

The sky is the limit when it comes to aluminum applications. New aluminum applications across a multitude of industries are constantly being discovered. It is always our goal to provide you with aluminum products that are both high-quality and competitively priced. If you have any questions about our products, just let us know.


How Inexpensive Aluminum is Making Solar Panels Less Expensive

Solar panels are one of the leading solutions when speaking of green and clean energy. One of the largest roadblocks to mass adoption is directly related to the cost of the panels. Whether speaking of new construction or current construction—panels don’t come cheap. However, soon, solar panels could be drastically less expensive.

Inexpensive Aluminum Used in Solar Panel Research

We don’t always know what our clients use our aluminum products for, but sometimes; they let us in on the details. One of the applications we are particularly excited about is the growing use of our inexpensive aluminum for university research projects. When we say “inexpensive” we are not referring to the quality of our aluminum, but that if aluminum can replace the silver required to build solar panels—the cost savings could play a major factor in making panels more accessible.

shop-aluminum-online-at-best-priceCurrently, Silver costs $15.90 per ounce. For this same quality of aluminum, multiple pounds can be purchased for the same price.

Conductivity is Not The Same

While the cost of aluminum is just a fraction of the cost per ounce, aluminum and silver are two metals with a drastically different rate of conductivity. So, researchers are working diligently to identify how panels can be modified to generate the same green and clean energy, but using aluminum instead. Whether this means using more aluminum, or getting creative with the panel as a whole—only time will tell.

What Does This Mean For You And Me?

Clearly the research is far more expansive than our simple description, but if aluminum can effectively replace silver in solar panels, this could mean many great things for you and me. Above and beyond the large solar panels used to provide electricity to homes and businesses, small panels will also be less expensive to produce. Small panel solar products are a rapidly growing product market and a versatile market at that. This goes beyond a portable solar charger, and also includes multiple gadgets, outdoor gear, emergency response equipment, and other solar innovations.

What Will You Be Using Your Aluminum For?

We would love to hear what you will use the aluminum you purchase for, and we would love to see a picture of your finished aluminum projects. As always, you can reach us directly with any questions, comments, or custom requests at 1-866-860-0653.

Wholesale Aluminum Foil for Professional Foodies

Starting up your own business in the culinary world is a journey of its own so finding your supplies shouldn’t be! Our goal is to assist you in finding everything you need so that you have more time to spend on chasing your dreams than searching online for the best deals! Our promise is to supply you with quality aluminum at prices that don’t break your bank. If you are in the beginning phase of your business and do not want to commit to wholesale minimums and subscriptions than you are in the right place. We understand that every request is different and that is exactly how we treat them. We cater to your kitchens needs.

KoreanSpareRibs10_640Aaluminum Sheet & Wire is leading online supplier of premier quality aluminum foils and foil laminates. Our advantage is simple; we offer very competitive prices, which is why our foils are used internationally at many bakeries and restaurants at this very moment.

To many chefs and experienced restaurant owners, their greatest pleasure, aside from creating delicious delights knows their materials and supplies are sustainable. We can confidently say you can rest assure that your foil is recyclable, good for environment and that the containers are light and convenient to carry. This is beneficial for smaller spaces that have less storage.

Remember, aside from industrial packaging uses, our aluminum foil can be used in smaller kitchens on the stove, in the oven, in the refrigerator and on the BBQ.

KoreanSpareRibs11_6401We offer competitive pricing for food festivals and events. Event organizers trust our aluminum when it comes to covering trays and concealing contestant’s identity. It may seem like a small role, but we think it’s pretty honorable.

Over the years we’ve heard so many aluminum hacks for the kitchen, big or small.

Our foils are also used to keep the oven and other kitchenware clean when cooking as well. For example, did you know, Aluminum foil can be used to bake the absolute most perfect pie crust? You can keep the edges of your homemade pies from burning by covering them with strips of aluminum foil. The foil prevents the edges from getting overdone while the rest of your pie gets perfectly browned. Another interesting fact is that aluminum actually keeps silverware untarnished. You can store freshly cleaned silverware on top of a sheet of aluminum foil to deter tarnishing. For long-term storage of silverware, first tightly cover each piece in cellophane wrap — be sure to squeeze out as much air as possible — then wrap in foil and seal the ends. It’s sort of like magic! You can get super creative and create special shaped cake pans with aluminum too! Make a teddy bear birthday cake, a Valentine’s Day heart cake, a Christmas tree cake, or whatever shaped cake the occasion may call for. Just form a double thickness of heavy-duty aluminum foil into the desired shape inside a large cake pan. Many professional chefs prefer this technique as it gives them flexibility and of course, creative control! The list goes on and on.

We offer foils in different variants including plain foils, polished foils, laminated foils, lacquered foils, printed foils, anodized foils, black anodized foils, and many more. We roll out as per your needs. We have for sale aluminum foils at best industrial rates. And low rates never mean that we are going to compromise with the quality. At Aaluminum.com you will find best quality aluminum foils in Ontario, Toronto, Canada. And yes we can also supply the United States as well because we are the leading online supplier of aluminum foils and other aluminum products.

Our links with the manufactures coupled with the experience and expertise culled over several decades, enables us to bring to you best offers for aluminum foils as well as other aluminum products like wire, sheets, coils, etc. Our online store gives you too many options to choose from at the leisure of your home. You don’t have to search the markets to find the aluminum foils of your requirement neither you have to look after best offers for aluminum foils. We have it all for you here at our vast expanding one stop online aluminum shop.

So here’s the deal, you keep the smiles on your client’s faces and their belly’s full and we’ll supply quality aluminum to make it possible. Call us, let’s talk.

The best ways to find sales of Aluminum sheets in Canada

Bulk and regular buyers of aluminum sheets in Canada are coming across more advertisements than before. It is very simple to see that the sale banner of ‘aluminum sheet for sale’ or ‘discounted anodized aluminum sheets’ is all over the internet. It is a new marketing tactic to woo more buyers. Some aluminum metal stores advertise on this line with intention to get more sales when in reality not many of these online stores ACTUALLY provide discounted rates.

Leverage The Benefits Of Aluminum Sheet Sale:

Getting the maximum benefits of discounted prices of aluminum sheets depends upon the mindset of buyer. The discounted sales are good not only for providing commercial benefits but these also do provide the opportunities to compare your existing and previous deals. You may buy from the current sales or you may refer the prices for future purchases. You can leverage the benefits of discounted anodized or raw aluminum sheets sales by optimizing the order size. During the discounted or stock clearance sales, the traders offer the same cost benefits on short volume purchases also.best-aluminum-sheet-supplier-thornhill

Explore Opportunities At Aluminum Sheet Sale Beyond The Least Price:

Most often, you come across hard to find variety of aluminum sheet at sales. Sometimes, you need the less popular or less in demand aluminum sheet to continue your products line but you don’t find it in mainstream of available aluminum sheets available at your regular supplier. Discounted sales are organised to clear the short volume stock of less in demand products; and, it makes the chances of getting the rare to find elsewhere aluminum sheet bright.

1085h19 anodized, 1100h14, 1090h19 anodized, 1100h14 raw, 5005h14 anodized, 5005 O anodized temper, 5657h25 anodized and 5052h32 Chicago etc are more in common aluminum sheets made available at discounted prices. While exploring the buying opportunities at anodized aluminum sheets sales, you should also focus upon other requirements pertaining to aluminum foils, aluminum coils and aluminum wires etc. The leading Anodized aluminum sheet stores in Canada also deal in aluminum foils, aluminum coils and aluminum wires working with ‘one stop shop’ concept.

Need An Online Aluminum Supplier For Your Mixed Media Art Projects?

If you have had the chance to browse through our aluminum products, you may have noticed that we refrain from getting too specific about how each of our products can be used. The reason for this is simple—the sky’s the limit for how our sheets, coil, wires, and foil can be applied!

The Perfect Addition To Your Mixed Media Art Projects:-

One of our fastest growing areas of interest is as that of an online aluminum supplier for Canada’s mixed media art visionaries. Since we sell everything from raw, painted, anodized clear, and anodized white—we are a one-stop-shop for artists. To make buying easy, we sell in multiple quantities suitable for the sometimes-minimal needs of artists—and in some cases can provide custom orders.

Sharon M. Louden’s piece “Merge” is a perfect example of how aluminum could be used in mixed media projects. Sharon’s “Merge” was displayed at both Weisman Art Museum in 2011 and at The University of Connecticut 2013. Sharon’s piece was made of more than 350,000 aluminum strips of six different colors, two different finishes (matte & shiny), approximately 14,000 screws, and hot glue. Ranging in size from 1×7″ to 2×10″, the work was placed on the floor and three adjacent walls spanning over 3,000 square feet. Sharon’s other installation using our aluminum is called community which is currently displayed at the Asheville Art Museum.


Customize Your Home or Business:-

Aluminum has long been used in building and construction, but some of the latest applications transform aluminum into built-in works of art. From aluminum backsplashes in the kitchen, to full walls with our sheets cut or printed in a brick-inspired or decorative pattern. Leave the metal smooth, and the inevitable scratches and wear are part of the appeal!

A Trending Jewelry Metal:-

While there are several precious metals used for jewelry, Aaluminum Sheet & Wire has become the preferred online aluminum supplier for jewelers who handcraft their work. Aluminum is an affordable medium for jewelers, and is just the right combination of flexible and durable. Between our coils, wire, and foil—our aluminum can be shaped and crafted to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Online Aluminum Supplier For Art-Worthy Furniture:-

Aluminum has long been used in the furniture industry, particularly for outdoor furniture—and for the timeless aluminum-folding table and chair. However, we are seeing many of our clients turn to aluminum in fresh new ways, for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Wood combined with aluminum is a popular choice, as is aluminum combined with upcycled Martials.

While you can certainly turn to us as your online aluminum supplier for more general uses of this classic metal, we encourage you to think outside the box when considering the ways in which you can incorporate aluminum to create mixed media art—or mixed media home and building accents.

If you have any questions about the product selections at Aaluminum Sheet & Wire, do not hesitate to ask!

More Options To Buy Online Aluminum Sheets In Canada

When the prices of most commodities are rolling down these last few years, aluminum prices are making the great advances in the market after the initial slip during our last recession. The pressure upon the automakers to produce high performing fuel-efficient cars is turning their heads to use lightweight aluminum in other applications also. A study suggests that aluminum consumption in auto industry is expected to rise 65 % by 2020. The study encourages the aluminum sheets traders and manufacturers both to invest even beyond their capacity to extend the variety and to facilitate the buyers to get the exact product they need.

Online Aluminum Sheets In Canada Available Under Advanced Operandi:

Ontario and Toronto like developing GTA cities have been the bulk consumers of aluminum sheets; so, every supplier lays eyes upon these potential areas. Online Aluminum Sheets stores offer better than ever before facilities to satisfy and retain the clients. Customization is the great development in aluminum trading. Today, you can optimize the order size and dimension both; however, customization of aluminum sheet dimensions is possible only for bulk orders. Increasing demand and secured business potential is encouraging new businesses; today, you see more aluminum suppliers in Canada province than you had 2-3 years back. Competitive price, time framed delivery, surety of availability and 24×7 hours support like factors have become common in aluminum trading.

Emphasis Upon Variety Of Best Aluminum Sheets:

Aluminum sheet suppliers in Canada emphasize upon the offering the variety. Everyone is exploring the manufacturers to add new variety to stock. New variety of anodized aluminum sheets in spectrum of colors has opened the doors for the manufacturers to groom up their products with new look. VINYL covered, vinyl masking and C/W VINYL L111 are the new options to add environmental protection to your products. Quality best aluminum sheets of any grade are available in white, black, red, orange-red, gold, clear, blue and green like eye-catching colors.

Online Aluminum Suppliers, Ontario, Canada Offer More Than Before

Looking for the better Aluminum Supplier Canada is never ending search for the regular buyers; especially, who trade in bulk. Demand of aluminum sheet, aluminum foils, aluminum coils and aluminum wire in Canada is increasing fast; it is good sign for any aluminum store. However, it triggers more parallel demand for the increase in variety and facilities.

Facilities improved by Aluminum Supplier Canada:


If we see present facilities being provided by the aluminum suppliers in Canada, these have advanced much during past few years. The stiff competition among the hundreds of suppliers makes it mandatory to satisfy each and every client irrespective to order size. Today, you can optimize the order in terms of quantity, size, delivery time and period etc. Also, you get better than before quality and variety in each category.

Canada Online Aluminum Supplier Offer Expanded Variety:


Brushed Coils, Anodized, Black Anodized, White Aluminum Coils, Polished Coils, Colored coils, Coated Coils and Gold Aluminum Coils are the new varieties, still, available with selected Online Aluminum Suppliers in Ontario, Toronto, Canada. The prices quoted by different suppliers differ considerably because of the difference in brands. The .020 X 18 X 24, .011 X 12 X 24, .063 X 24 X 24, .032 X 18 X 24 etc are the more in demand sizes of aluminum sheets. 1100 O TEMPER, 1100H18, 1145 O TEMPER, 1100 O TEMPER ANODIZED, 1145H19 ANODIZED, 1145 O TEMPER ANODIZED etc are the top selling aluminum foils categories. You can also explore these categories with aesthetic metrics also like Clear anodized, black, matte black, paper interleaved, anodized black, blue bright both sides, brushed clear, shiny green 1 side etc. Top Aluminum Suppliers offer such products at big discounts. The discounted sales are organized for short periods only; so, you need to be in touch of numbers of suppliers.