The anodized sheet aluminum manufacturers are in upbeat mood because of the global trend of using anodized aluminum sheets in new applications. Today, we have much wider range of aluminum sheets than we had few years back. Blue Anodized Aluminum Sheet, black aluminum sheets, clear anodized aluminum sheet etc are relatively the new entrants to make the aluminum sheet sales more involving to explore deeper.

There is very little scope for the manufacturers to produce inferior quality products because of the stiff competition; still, the buying tactics make significant difference. To succeed in buying the best quality at competitive price, you need to specify properly. Can you do it without knowing the particular categories for specific properties?

Types Of Anodized Sheet Aluminum Coatings:

Different types of anodized aluminum finishes have different appearance and performance. The Aluminum_Sheets.195113502_stdmost used characteristics include: decorative, abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant, reflective, dielectric, color, heat absorbing etc. The coating thickness, a critical attribute to influence buying decisions, is specified either in terms of thickness or as the coating weight. Inches, mils and microns are used to specify the thickness while coating weight is specified by mg/cm2 or mg/dm2 or mg/ft2. Sulfuric acid aluminum anodizing is more common because it produces transparent and colorless coating on maximum aluminum alloys types. Hardcoat Anodizing, Chromic Anodizing and Phosphoric Anodizing are also in use to create special class anodized aluminum sheets for particular applications.

Coating Thickness Of Anodized Aluminum Sheets- A Critical Attribute:

You might have heard decorative and protective black anodized aluminum sheet metal or clear anodized aluminum sheet. Do you know the standard coating thickness in this category? It is less than 0.4 mil thick. Similarly, Architectural Class II anodic coatings are 0.4 – 0.7 mil, while, the anodized aluminum sheets, under Architectural Class I category, have more than 0.7 mil thick coating.


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