Houses constructed during 1960s and 1970s incorporated aluminum for wiring because copper was very much expensive at this time. Aluminum wire in Toronto is the safest and more economical way of wiring if done the right way even today!

Each home has different needs and is setup with different types of wiring:

Triplex wiring
Triplex is an aerial wiring that the electric board uses to supply the power pole.

Main feeder wires
Electrical connections to all the appliances in your home start form fuses. Main feeder wires avail thicker type of cables that run from the main circuit to smaller distribution circuits known as panels. These circuits are installed in remote parts of a house. Feeder wires to THHN type and are ideal for places where 125% of the load required.

Panel feed wires
These wires also belong to THHN type.

Non-metallic sheathed wire
Also referred to as Romex, this is a triple-strand, solid core wire that is coated with plastic to make it easier to pull. This is used in most homes where 15 amps, 20 amps, or 30 amps, is required.

Single strand wire
Single stranded wires include a bundle of small-gauge wires enclosed in a particular pattern to make it a good conductor. They are more flexible and are used for devices showing signals such as computer mouse, shavers, sweepers and others.

Before buying aluminum wire for your house, you need to know the exact wire size. A good electrical contractor will help you with this. You can buy the best products from cheap aluminum wires supplier in Toronto.


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